KOS is one of the high-quality suitcase brand which its products are imported from US, Italy, UK… Before implementing this campaign, we face to a big challenge arisen from its products and its targeted customers. Besides, KOS’s products price is much higher than others’ in Vietnam whose online communication channel is Facebook.

In aspect of targeted audience, we segmented our targeted consumers into 2 groups: group 1 including married people (above 24 years old) usually have business trip, and group 2 that – young ones (under 24 years old) who usually travel. Moreover, group 1 ‘s engagement rate is much lower than group 2 ‘s. We also realized that financial constrain restrains us utilizing a large budget as well as forming a new habit of consuming high value products.

We set two objectives as follow:

– Make use of Facebook advertising to achieve highest reach with the smallest advertising budget.

– Lower cost by 4 times than other online channels.


We divided our strategy into multiple parts which target different groups of customers together with use A/B testing to evaluate the performance among different groups of customers.

We implement 3 campaigns in Facebook platform:

– Boost Post of Italy suitcase for female.

– Carousel Ads to similar Audience who already accessed KOS website.

– Campaign for launching KOS Showroom in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

With the total budget of 75 million VND ($3300), we’ve reached 1,5 million people in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh and 200,000 traffic to KOS website, leading to CPM of 50,000 VND ($2) and 375 VND ($0.02) per visitor.

Comparing to initial goals, KOS has decreased its advertising budget by 4 times while still achieved its expected brand awareness and business efficiency.

In addition to using Facebook advertising results, we also integrate other metrics into our report:

– In-store visitors through Facebook channel increased from under 30% to 60%.

– Opportunities increase by 1.5 times after campaigns.

– Sign-in rate with-referral from Facebook  accounts for up to 65%.