Karofi (1)

Karofi., JSC is formerly the importer, assembler and distributor of water purifier system for multiple units in Vietnam. Thanks to the deep understanding of customers’ needs for clean and pure water, in April 2012, Karofi., JSC was incorporated with the aim to provide water solutions to protect the community health. Since its establishment, Karofi., JSC has achieved its strong growth and confirmed its position in Vietnam and international market with the right strategies  and orientation made by the Board of Directors and the Group.

Being one of the top-leading water-purifier manufacturer, Karofi’s been becoming familiar to almost Vietnamese families. However, till 2015, while its competitors have been financing for various online channel,  Karofi hadn’t invested in google marketing equivalent to its real scale. MediaZ realized it as an opportunity to support Karofi reach its deserved result.

Being aware of Karofi’s challenge, MediaZ planned to optimize website rank with a clear strategy and tight evaluation. After 3 months, Karofi’s website ranked top 5 in Google page 1, which enhances Karofi’s brand awareness to Vietnamese consumers.